The metal surface<br />
finishing revolution
The metal surface
finishing revolution
Precise metal<br />
surface finishing<br />
for mass production
Precise metal
surface finishing
for mass production
Better results than<br />
manual polishing<br />
in just one step
Better results than
manual polishing
in just one step

Dry electropolishing equipment
for high performance and superior
finishing applications


Finishing Processes

DLyte has reinvented high-quality metal surface finishing, it improves the results of existing treatments.

01. Precision finishing

Superior surface finishing of precision components with tight tolerances improving mechanical properties, lifespan and corrosion resistance.

02. Smoothing

A smooth finish cuts down on friction loss, improving the bearing ratio, optimizing wear and tear and minimizing energy consumption and noise.

03. Mirror finishing

Mirror finish is a highly-polished finish, characterized by a bright, shiny, reflective metal surface. Remove any micro-scratches and milling lines.

04. Deburring

Remove burrs from sharp or fragile parts that are not suitable for traditional finishing techniques without rounding edges or damaging the part.

05. Rounding

Cutting edge geometry determines the thermo-mechanical stress suffered by the tool. Increase its lifespan with a controlled edge preparation.

06. Corrosion resistance

Improve corrosion resistance, remove embedded free iron, contaminants and heat tint or oxide scale and reduce surface roughness in one step.

07. AM Post-processing

Automate surface finishing of additive parts without losing tolerances. Best balance between roughness reduction and geometry preservation.

08. Inner channels polishing

Improve surface quality of inner channels and complex metal parts with blind holes cost-effectively, reliable and with superior quality.


DLyte Benefits

The DryLyte Technology offers a wide range of finishing media. The consumables, designed and developed in our test lab, allow us to precisely meet our customers’ requirements.

Homogeneous results
01. Homogeneous results

DLyte achieves homogeneous results across the surface and eliminates micro scratches, as opposed to abrasive polishing. The system works efficiently at a micro and macroscopic level.

Geometry preservation
02. Geometry preservation

Respects the tolerances and preserves the initial shape, even the edges, guaranteeing the most precise result. It does not round the edges as there is no mechanical abrasion of the surface.

Best-in-class surface roughness
03. Best-in-class surface roughness

Reduces the roughness over 80% avoiding undesired effects. Liquid electropolishing is not able to reduce the roughness more than 50% without generating side effects like orange peel or pitting.

Low material removal
04. Low material removal

Removes material only from roughness peaks as the diameter of the particles is bigger than the roughness profile. It penetrates internal cavities that cannot be accessed mechanically.

Consistent repeatability
05. Consistent repeatability

The DryLyte Technology ensures stable results among various batches along the electrolyte media lifespan. There is no physical wear, as would typically occur with abrasive particles.

Enhances negative surface skewness
06. Enhances negative surface skewness

DLyte increases the surface bearing contact area allowing uniform lubricant film distribution and improving the bearing ratio and reducing the friction between the pieces.

Improve the corrosion resistance
07. Improve the corrosion resistance

Reduces wear and improves fracture and fatigue strength, while improving the surface quality of metal parts. It also removes embedded free iron, contaminants and heat tint or oxide scale.

Biocompatibility proven
08. Biocompatibility proven

Uses only polymer particles with acids for surface improvement. It ensures that the parts meet all the appropriate requirements to pass a risk-benefit analysis evaluating biocompatibility and toxicity.

Avoids grinding texture patterns
09. Avoids grinding texture patterns

This is the only technology that allows to remove roughness and improve the corrosion resistance of the metal pieces while reducing the number of processes required in the manufacturing process.

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