Deburring stainless steel surgical saw blades

For medical device industry


GPAINNOVA’s customer is a USA-based medical device manufacturer known for its diverse product range and significant production capacity. Among their offerings are surgical saw blades designed specifically for orthopedic trauma surgery to facilitate bone cutting. This company is renowned for its commitment to quality, innovation, and growth, continuously seeking advancements in product design, materials, and production processes to stay at the forefront of the medical device industry.


Electropolishing is the preferred method for cutting blades due to its numerous benefits: high-quality surface finishing, improved corrosion resistance, and a clean, easy-to-clean surface. It also offers advantages such as optimal micro-finishing, enhanced fatigue life, and a burr-free surface, along with a repeatable process. Moreover, electropolishing enhances the appearance with an ultra-smooth surface, allowing material and processing defects to be easily detected, ensuring safety control in production.

However, traditional electropolishing has drawbacks; it involves toxic processes with hazardous chemical baths at high temperatures, legal restrictions, and substantial investments and operating costs. Additionally, some cases may result in suboptimal outcomes, including issues like orange peel, pitting, and uneven results across the piece. All these problems are overcome by the DLyte Technology.


Thanks to DLyte, the customer was able to replace its previous liquid electropolishing process, which involved cumbersome waste management and higher costs, with a faster, more efficient, and environmentally friendly process. It is also important to emphasize the biocompatibility of the pieces treated by GPAINNOVA’s dry electropolishing process at all times, which is a critical factor in the Healthcare sector to ensure patient safety. Significant time savings were also achieved. With a processing time of just 8 minutes, the DryLyte Technology was able to provide a high-quality surface finish for a batch of 120 parts.


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    06_saw blades


    01. Geometry and tolerance preservation & homogeneous results across the piece
    02. Stable results among different batches within the electrolyte lifespan
    03. Longer lifespan for treated parts
    04. Biocompatibility and non-cytotoxicity proved
    05. More sharpness


    01. Reduced footprint
    02. Time and cost reduction
    03. Exposure of workers during process and maintenance
    04. Handling and storage of media
    05. No need for multistep processes
    06. Easy waste management

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