01. Aerospace

Surface finishing operations play an extremely important role in aerospace and energy sectors, since it helps to improve efficiency, while increasing reliability and durability. These parts must withstand high stress corrosive conditions, high loads with long-term lifespan and meeting demanding cycle life specifications.

02. Automotive

Surface finishing solutions are utilized at every level of the automotive pipeline, from garage maintenance and car restoration to manufacturers’ demands. One of the most challenging aspects has to do with safety, since the result of the surface finishing process is closely linked to the vehicle performance and reliability.

03. Dentistry

Dental laboratories use dry electropolishing to improve surface quality of cobalt-chrome and titanium dental parts. Smoothing, cleaning and eliminating small imperfections from removal dental prosthetics and other implanted dental parts expands their lifespan pieces and can extend the life of dental components from the inside out.

04. Food & Pharma

Metal components produced for food, beverages, packaging and pharma industries must comply with challenging surface finishing standards. Those surfaces should be ultra-smooth, precision finishing, thus avoiding areas for bacteria grow. DLyte achieves superior results than any other surface finishing method.

05. Jewelry & Fashion

These industries require a perfect surface quality as the purpose of the piece is mainly aesthetic and its value depends on a good looking. Complex geometries in jewels are hard to polish with traditional polishing methods and electropolishing is one of the techniques utilized for a better homogeneity and standardization.

06. Medical device

Cleanability, biocompatibility, corrosion resistance, pathogen resistance and a smooth surface without defects are crucial to comply with the function and demand on quality of the medical industries. Improving the surface’s quality on implants, instruments and equipment components increases functionalities as well as their lifespan.

07. Toolmaking

Overcoming the drawbacks of tool finishing is one of the main challenges in the field of surface finishing solutions, in order to achieve the lowest roughness on flat surfaces. This is why DLyte has specially created new electropolishing technologies to carry out the most challenging freeform surfaces polishing.

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