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TEAMZIEREIS GmbH is a milling center located in Engelsbrand in the Black Forest region of Germany founded 20 years ago. The company focuses exclusively on dental products and services connected with the digital work flow. TEAMZIEREIS has expertise in high level CAD/CAM operations and pursues an integrated digital manufacturing concept.


TEAMZIEREIS was not able to internalize this process as the demand peaks happens quite often and the number of welltrained workers needed to perform the work effectively for a process with big demand variations was a barrier to offer it.

TEAMZIEREIS was looking for innovative surface finishing methods which allows them to offer the polishing service with outstanding quality and a smooth workflow which avoids bottle necks in the production.
A defined gloss, no change of the work piece geometry, dimensions and edges and, above all, a flawless surface finish, these were the results Ralph Ziereis demanded.

Unfortunately, all the current surface finishing solutions in the market are: 1) highly time-consuming if carried out through hand held processes, 2) extremely cost-intensive, and/or 3) render suboptimal results to meet functional requirements.
Current solutions can be classified as a) Hand processes (mainly mechanical, with abrasive polishing belts, pastes and tools) or b) by means of automated equipment (through mechanical or electrochemical processes).

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DLyte equipment uses the new patented DryLyte technology for the surface finishing metallic components. DryLyte leads to superior surface results, preserving the geometry of the component (without rounding edges), and ensuring excellent mechanical properties, optimal surface finishing and a highly controlled composition of the surface. It completely overcomes current customer’s pain point by:
+ Improving final results
+ Drastically reducing lead time and manufacturing costs
+ Reducing negative impacts on workers’ health and environment.





By using the DLyte 10D, processing time can be reduced by up to 80 % compared to manual work, depending on the application. Furthermore, several parts can be processed simultaneously.

Ralph Ziereis concludes: “The automatic polishing is an ideal addition to our service package and makes our manufactured components a lot more attractive for our customers.”


Respect tolerances and preserve original shape
01. Respect tolerances and preserve original shape

Mirror finishing and homogeneous results
02. Mirror finishing and homogeneous results

Proven biocompatibility and cleanability
03. Proven biocompatibility and cleanability

Assured reliability and repeatability
04. Assured reliability and repeatability

Improved passivation and corrosion resistance
05. Improved passivation and corrosion resistance

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