Cobalt-Chrome bone plate implants

For orthopedic implant industries


GPAINNOVA’s client is a prominent orthopedic implant company based in India. Since its establishment, this organization has been at the forefront of advancing and introducing innovative products to the market for trauma and spinal surgery. Their product portfolio includes state-of-the-art trauma and spinal systems designed to address a wide spectrum of medical conditions. These products have been the result of collaborative efforts with neurological and orthopedic surgeons.

This organization is steadfastly committed to maintaining its position as a leading innovator in the aforementioned industry. Its primary focus remains on delivering the highest level of service and consistently developing innovative products that truly impact its customer.


High-quality polishing is crucial for cobalt-chrome bone plates, offering benefits like enhanced biocompatibility, reduced friction, improved integration, lower infection risk, and better aesthetics. However, manual polishing poses challenges such as inconsistency, difficulty with complex geometries, labor intensiveness, variability in quality control, and contamination risk. To address these issues, automating surface finishing processes offers uniformity, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness, making it the future of implant production.


GPAINNOVA’s client aimed to achieve superior product quality through the application of advanced technology. Faced with the limitations of manual polishing, the customer urgently sought automation for surface finishing processes due to unsatisfactory results. The previous manual polishing method proved to be both cost-ineffective and excessively time and labor-intensive.

Furthermore, manual polishing introduced noise and dust, posing health risks to technicians. Aligning with their objective, the client strives for a flawless finish on all treated components to minimize the risk of rejection in patients.


GPAINNOVA achieved efficient processing of cobalt-chrome bone plate implants using Dry Suspension electrolyte, guaranteeing both a pristine finish and protection against oxidation. Tailored fixturing ensured optimal electrical contact, while the DLyte PRO500 equipment enabled high-volume production, yielding 125,000 implants per charge within a swift 30-minute processing cycle.

Recognizing the potential variability in results based on surface characteristics, GPAINNOVA’s expertise remains paramount. The client’s enthusiastic endorsement reflects substantial efficiency gains and heightened precision, reinforcing a steadfast dedication to quality through technological innovation.


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    01. Geometry and tolerance preservation & homogeneous results
    02. Best-in-class concerning surface roughness (Ra under 0.02 micrometers)
    03. Stable results among different batches within the electrolyte lifespan
    04. Longer lifespan for treated parts
    05. Biocompability and non-cytotoxicity proved


    01. Reduced footprint
    02. Time and cost reduction
    03. Exposure of workers during process and maintenance
    04. Handling and storage of media
    05. No need for multistep processes
    06. Easy waste management

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