Titanium acetabular implant

For orthopedic implant industries


GPAINNOVA’s client is one of the world’s leading medical technology companies, driven to improve healthcare. Although it was established in the US, the customer has a subsidiary in Ireland. This organization offers innovative products and services in the medical and surgical, neurotechnology, orthopedics and spine areas that contribute to improved patient and healthcare outcomes.


The challenge consists in avoiding manual polishing, since an automatic solution must be provided to ensure that the pressure on the metal surface is always the same, something impossible to achieve with manual work, since each operator will exert a different pressure.


The customer was striving to produce high-quality, durable, and biocompatible acetabular prostheses that meet the stringent requirements of the medical industry and offer the best possible outcomes for patients undergoing hip replacement surgery. Specifically, the company should aim to achieve several objectives, such as higher cost-effectiveness, reducing lead times and total homogeneity and consistence among batches. The goal consisting in treating only the internal surface and to reach a roughness lower than 50 nm (1.96 microinches).


GPAINNOVA made trial runs with different process time and parameters, including roughness measurements in different areas with a profilometer. The best results were achieved with the patented Dry Suspension electrolyte. The processing time was 45 minutes with a capacity of 2 pieces per batch, and it allowed to achieve a final roughness below 0.05 μm (1.97 μin).

Considering a weight removal of 0.03 g per piece and the weight removal capacity of a full media work bowl of 210 liters —in the case of titanium with the L-130 electrolyte is 2 kg—, GPAINNOVA, thanks to its DLyte solutions, can treat more than 65.000 acetabule per media charge.

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    01. Geometry and tolerance preservation & homogeneous results
    02. Reduced material removal
    03. Stable results among different batches within the electrolyte lifespan
    04. Longer lifespan for treated parts
    05. Biocompatibility and non-cytotoxicity proved


    01. Reduced footprint
    02. Time and cost reduction
    03. Exposure of workers during process and maintenance
    04. Handling and storage of media
    05. No need for multistep processes
    06. Easy waste management

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