The most powerful unit for surface finishing large, heavy or complex pieces

DLyte 10,000 is a versatile solution that integrates seamlessly into any production line, allowing for full workflow automation and efficient treatment of heavy pieces in various industries.

Its robot module is designed to handle large workpieces with precision movement control and customizable grippers, easily tailored to fit project needs with its flexible configuration options.

The robot module is capable of treating workpieces up to 750mm in diameter, 600mm in length, and 100kg in weight, utilizing a 6-axis mechanical movement to ensure the highest quality of treatment.


Hardware features

Optimal performance and repeatability
Optimal performance and repeatability

Our state-of-the-art electronics deliver unparalleled performance and reproducibility. By optimizing a range of parameters and process combinations, applying asymmetric pulses, and utilizing multiple movements, we are able to achieve superior surface finishes, more consistent results, and shorter cycle times. Our advanced DLyte technology ensures the best possible outcomes every time.

Unmatched precision and consistency
Unmatched precision and consistency

Our SIC Pulser technology is the driving force behind our exceptional repeatability and precision. This system features eight independent high frequency rectifiers synchronized by fiber optic cables, delivering up to 55 kW of power. With its advanced capabilities, our SIC Pulser technology optimizes our processes for maximum efficiency and accuracy, ensuring consistent and reliable results.

Full potential of mass production
Full potential of mass production

It features a robust mechanical system specifically designed for mass production. Its optimal combination of multiple movements and vibrations, maximizes overall performance. The machine provides different preset configurations for three size ranges: large parts of 750 diameter x 600 mm, middle-sized parts of 400 diameter x 350 mm, and small parts of 250 diameter x 200 mm.


Operative features

Automatic loading and unloading
Automatic loading and unloading

DLyte 10,000 comes with an integrated automatic loading system that ensures ergonomic workpiece loading and unloading. With the added benefit of a safety size tool, this system provides an unparalleled level of safety and efficiency. You can trust our equipment to deliver the highest levels of performance, reliability, and safety to meet all of your manufacturing needs.

6-Axis movement robot
6-Axis movement robot

DLyte10,000 is a versatile solution for large and heavy workpieces used in various industries, such as aerospace, energy, oil and gas, shipbuilding, machinery, and food. Its advanced capabilities make it suitable for achieving high-quality surface finishes on complex geometries that require precise 6-axis movements, which are not feasible with traditional methods.

Achieve aesthetic excellence
Achieve aesthetic excellence

DLyte 10,000 can efficiently treat intricate parts and structures, such as turbine blades, molds, and engine components, enhancing their durability, performance, and aesthetic appeal. Whether you need to remove burrs, scratches, or other surface imperfections, DLyte10,000 can help you achieve consistent and reproducible results, saving you time, labor, and costs.

Single and multiple holding systems
Single and multiple holding systems

The work piece holders or fixtures are designed to optimize results based on the geometry and finishing requirements of the pieces. These are highly adaptable and can be tailored to suit various applications, making the machine versatile and efficient for a wide range of work pieces. With their large capacity, these holding systems ensure optimal results while providing flexibility.



Technical data sheet

Capacity (per cycle) 750 Ø x 600 mm (one piece centered to the robot axis).
Operating height 4,500 mm
Operating layout 5,718 (front) mm x 4,507 (side) mm. (Recommended safety area: 8,110 mm x 9,307mm)
Floor requirements It is recommended that the quality of the concrete must meet the requirementsof the following standard: C20/25 according to DIN EN 206-1:2001/DIN 1045-2:2001 for a weight machine of 7,450 km without the scaffold (950 kg).
Electrolyte capacity 1,400 L
Power consumption 55 kw (125A)
Power supply 380-400 V~ ± 10% (3P+N+PE)
Air pressure main Main line: 6–7 bar (air connector: Ø 16 mm) Consumption of 2,300 L/min. Air quality must be 1.5.1 according to ISO 8573.
Distilled water 70 L
Ventilation The unit must be installed in a well-ventilated area. Otherwise, a forced ventilation system must be installed on top of the unit.
Electrolyte temperature operating 15 °C to 50 °C
Electrolyte storage 5 °C to 40 °C (See expiration date)

The machine offers different presetting robot movements for three size ranges:

Large parts: 750 Ø mm x 600 mm
Middle-size parts: 400 Ø mm x 350 mm
Small parts: 250 Ø mm x 200 mm

working volumes_DLyte10000_sizes

Max. Volume: 750 Ø mm x 600 mm – Up to 100kg


Project Development, Integration and Set-Up

We support with engineering services, development of surface finishing processes, machinery definition, integration, set up, training, on-site consulting and services in the digital field to enhance machine availability and optimize manufacturing processes.

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