The ultimate ultra-compact
polishing solution for
dental laboratories

DLyte Mini achieves mirror-finishing results for Cobalt-Chrome RPDs, crowns, bridges, and bars.

Its finishing processes respect complex geometries, tight tolerances, and it is fully repeatable.

It is perfect for low production volumes or as a complementary device to existing DLyte equipment. It can be used as a secondary, quick-step process to achieve a superior shine.

With a small footprint system, it can be quickly implemented in any dental laboratory.

It has two-stage cleaning system, which thoroughly rinses the piece and removes any remaining electrolyte.

The holder and machine head are designed for efficient, automatic cleaning after the polishing process.

01. Short processing time in a compact design
02. High profitability and short payback time
03. Environmentally friendly
04. Respect tolerances and preserve original shape
05. Mirror finishing and homogeneous results
06. Improved passivation and corrosion resistance
07. Low material removal

Hardware features

The ultimate solution for dentistry
The ultimate solution for dentistry

The DLyte Mini device comprises a polishing unit designed to accommodate two RPDs, featuring a motorized head that generates both planetary and orbital motion within the electrolyte-filled drum. This unique polishing action ensures efficient and precise polishing, making DLyte Mini an ideal solution for dental applications.

Two-stage cleaning system
Two-stage cleaning system

The machine is designed with a highly efficient two-stage cleaning system that ensures thorough rinsing of the piece and complete removal of any remaining electrolyte. With this advanced cleaning system, you can trust that your finished product will be perfectly clean and ready for use.

Polishing made easy
Polishing made easy

The holder and machine head are expertly assembled into the deposit for efficient, automatic cleaning following the polishing process, providing the most comprehensive solution within a compact system. With this features, your polishing machine is not only efficient and effective, but also easy to maintain and keep clean.


Operative features

Advanced RPD clamping process
Advanced RPD clamping process

Our highly efficient fixturing solutions are specifically engineered to provide a seamless and straightforward clamping process for your parts. With our advanced fixturing system, you can easily and quickly clamp two RPDs in a matter of seconds, without the need for extensive manual labor. Save significant amounts of time and effort.

Mirror finishing in 5 minutes
Mirror finishing in 5 minutes

Add on a complementary machine body for a two-step polishing process that achieves a superior mirror finish in as little as five additional minutes. The second machine body includes a two-stage cleaning system and the same machine head as the DLyte Mini, making it easy to combine the two polishing processes.

DLyte Mini's 5-step process
DLyte Mini's 5-step process

To use DLyte Mini, load the holder with parts and insert it into the machine. Attach the motor head, select the polishing program, and start the 20-40 minute process. Once polishing is complete, place the holder in the oil and water cleaning tanks for automatic cleaning. Unload finished parts and enjoy the polished result.

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