The most precise, powerful and versatile surface finishing equipment on the market

The DLyte PRO500 delivers exceptional metal surface-finishing results with superior speed and efficiency.

Compared to existing technologies, it can achieve processing times up to ten times faster.

PRO500 equips 2, 4 and 8 perimeter spindles, which enable it to handle either a single or multiple work pieces per holder, thereby enhancing its capacity and performance, even when working with large volumes of work pieces.


Hardware features

Robust, precise and reliable mechanical systems
Robust, precise and reliable mechanical systems

Achieving peak performance requires a precise blend of movements and vibrations. Our technology combines a main axial turn, a secondary planetary turn, and a vertical movement with core and base vibration to reduce friction with electrolyte particles. To ensure optimal media flow, our equipment features independent variable speed and bidirectional holders' rotation. A perfect combination of movements and vibrations maximizes performance and results.

Innovative and powerful electronics
Innovative and powerful electronics

Our innovative power electronics system, featuring the latest SIC Pulser technology, delivers unbeatable repeatability and high output. With 8 independent high frequency rectifiers synchronized by optical fiber, we can provide up to 360 Amps and 35KW of power. This advanced system ensures better surface finishes, more homogeneous results, and shorter cycle times. Our electronics are designed for reliability, providing consistent and precise power delivery.

Adaptative independent cathodes
Adaptative independent cathodes

Our system is designed to activate the perimeter and inferior cathodes independently, according to specific polishing requirements. By adapting the electrical current flow based on the geometry of the piece, we achieve greater precision and a more homogeneous finish. This function gives our system unparalleled versatility compared to other solutions on the market. It also optimizes current flow to achieve the highest precision for a superior finishing.


Operative features

Quick plug and release holder coupling system
Quick plug and release holder coupling system

The holder fixation system uses positive pressure fixation and an automatic locking system with pneumatic connection, reducing loading and unloading times while increasing ease of use. The machine's integrated vibration system provides stronger vibration to the piece, while also substantially decreasing the weight of the holders.

Custom programs for efficient processing
Custom programs for efficient processing

Our system combines easy operation, advanced automation, and intelligent software to deliver superior finishing results. With real-time parameter optimization based on conductivity and temperature control, it maintains electrolyte quality and extends its lifespan, ensuring consistent and repeatable performance between cycles.

Easy maintaining of internal components
Easy maintaining of internal components

The frame and panels have been designed to facilitate easy maintenance and operation by providing access to the internal components. The eight power units are located on the sides of the machine and feature forced cooling, while the control unit is located at the rear and separated from the power units.

Ensuring safety while working
Ensuring safety while working

A warning light tower alerts operators to potential hazards during the production process. In addition, a magnetic safety gate system prevents unintentional opening of the safeguard. Finally, a light barrier provides protection for operators' hands and bodies during each cycle, especially when manual intervention is required.

Engineered for a wide range of materials
Engineered for a wide range of materials

DLyte PRO500 delivers a full spectrum of electrical parameters, ranging from low to high frequency, parameter concatenation, and asymmetric voltage.

Single and multiple work piece holders
Single and multiple work piece holders

Our specialized work piece holders and fixtures are designed to optimize results for each piece's unique geometry and finishing requirements. The versatile holding systems ensure maximum capacity utilization across various applications, making it the ideal solution for companies of each sector.

A connected solution for Industry 4.0
A connected solution for Industry 4.0

DLyte PRO500 connects seamlessly to the DLyte HUB to access all services required for high-quality finishing. This allows users to monitor the process, receive real-time system status updates, track maintenance schedules, and download and update surface finishing programs.


Automated Cell features

DLyte Automated Cell is the perfect solution for industries seeking to fully automate their surface finishing processes. It optimizes our surface finishing process with fully automated workpiece handling, allowing the system to work autonomously for extended periods, reducing loading and unloading times.

The Automated Cell offers flexibility in surface finishing, with the option to use either one or two DLyte PRO500 machines, depending on your requirements. Additionally, it enables the integration of multiple process steps, including cleaning, rinsing, and drying, for a more streamlined workflow.

The system allows for 2-Step processes, combining different electropolishing and cleaning steps. It offers a high increase in production with 64 holders, easily automated with a smart control panel. The system is also designed for efficiency with a double gripper and separate robot workflows.

Control panel
Control panel

It allows controlling all the functions of both the cell and the PRO500 outside the processing area. The cell includes a complete loading manager, where the operator can set the automation cycle based on the batch, row, and finishing recipe. The operator can also access the PRO500 interface to operate directly on the machine.

Loading and unloading station
Loading and unloading station

It features a steel structure designed in a square shape to hold up to 64 holders. It can pivot above its bedplate and stop after each ¼ round to allow the robot to work on the holder rows. Once the robot is working on one side, the operator can simultaneously load and unload on the opposite side, ensuring an efficient workflow.

Workflow description
Workflow description

Involves a robot with a double gripper at the end to hold two holders at once. By doubling the holders, the robot can load the unpolished holder into the machine and extract the polished one, placing it on the carousel, all in one sequence. This process helps to speed up the overall polishing process, thus increasing efficiency.

Layout and guarding
Layout and guarding

The front open fence is protected with a safety light curtain. At the rear side, there is a hinge door, which is permanently locked and can only be accessed during maintenance. Additionally, the pole located in the front area has a floor and laser scanner that automatically stops the polishing process if the operator accesses the area.



Machine dimensions (L x W x H) 1,300 x 1,380 x 2,770 mm
Capacity (per cycle)
Electrolyte capacity 250 L
Holder + piece area Ø500 x 540 mm (x1)
Ø360 x 540 mm (x2)
Ø 310 x 540 mm (x4)
Ø200 x 540 mm (x8)
Work piece area Up to Ø500 x 250 mm (x1)
Up to Ø 360 x 250 mm (x2)
Up to Ø 310 x 250 mm (x4)
Up to Ø200 x 200 mm (x8)
Weight 50 kg (work piece(s) + holder) (x1)
20 kg (work piece(s) + holder) (x2) (x4) (x8)
Machine weight
DLyte PRO500 weight 1600 kg
Tank with electrolyte 400 kg
Rated power from 11,5 KW to 25 KW
Short-circuit breaking capacity (ics) 6 kA
Rated voltage 400 V~ ± 10% (3P+N+PE)
Frequency 50 - 60 Hz
Rated current 35 A
Full load current 40 A
Grounding connection TN system
Earth leakage current > 10 mA
Pressure 6 - 7 bar
Air connector Øint 21 mm
Air flow 1,900 L/min
Air quality (6:4:4 according to ISO 8573-1)
Distilled water
Water supply Connection (Ø10 mm)
Water tank 16 L
Operating 5°C to 35 °C
DLyte PRO500 storage -10°C to + 70°C
Electrolyte storage 5°C to 40°C (see expiration date)
Protection index
Machine IP20
Electric cabinets and peripherals IP22
Holder vibration OFF (EN ISO 11202) <70 dB
Holder vibration ON (EN ISO 11202) 74 dB (1m); <70 dB (7m)

The DLyte PRO500 Series are tailored to meet the extensive requirements of major production industries, including automotive, aerospace, toolmaking, and medical, among others.

PRO500 Series

The DLyte PRO500 delivers exceptional metal surface-finishing results with superior speed and efficiency. Compared to existing technologies, it can achieve processing times up to ten times faster.

PRO500 Installations

The DLyte PRO500 Series provides the flexibility of modular installations, allowing the combination of different modules to address diverse stages of surface finishing for ambitious industries.

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