GPAINNOVA Unveils its Multiprocess Solution for Mass Surface Finishing at EMO Hannover 2023

September 20 , 2023

GPAINNOVA, one of the leading technology business group specializing in surface finishing solutions for metal parts, is conducting this week at the EMO Hannover 2023 the world’s premier of its machine newest development: DLyte PRO500 Continuous Flow Multistep Installation. The new machine, meant for companies needing to automate their high-volume surface finishing production, has harnessed dry electropolishing technology to increase precision in metal polishing. Until September 23rd, this innovation will be exhibited at booth C13, hall 11, at Messe Hannover.



Key Features of the New Installation 

DLyte PRO500 Continuous Flow Multistep Installation is designed to integrate multiple crucial processes. It seamlessly combines cleaning, rinsing, oil-based, and aqueous-based solution rinsing, as well as vapor and drying processes. This integration occurs within a matrix cell, efficiently transporting the DLyte PRO500 core through every stage of the process, all without the need for human intervention.

One of the key benefits of DLyte PRO500 Continuous Flow Multistep Installation is its versatile configuration. This solution accommodates both single and dual DLyte PRO500 cores, enabling the execution of multiple processes in parallel. Additionally, various working tank configurations, supporting up to five tanks, cater to varying operational needs.

Another advantage is its capacity for enhanced automation. The installation can be equipped with a robotic automatic loading system, which integrates an autonomous and intelligent intermediate storage system. With a remarkable capacity of up to eight cycles, this feature empowers the system to operate with increased autonomy, significantly improving efficiency.

This technological advance represents a significant leap forward in metal surface finishing, promising even more precision, versatility, and efficiency.



Other Advanced Solutions for Surface Finishing

Furthermore, attendees at EMO Hannover 2023 will have the opportunity to delve deeper into the DLyte product lineup, featuring DLyte 100PRO Carbide, marking the debut of our compact machine designed for precision hard metal processing. This machine, which combines a planetary and a vertical back-and-forth movement inside the drum containing electrolyte, apply electrical parameters to the parts for electrochemical treatment. It is especially recommended for treating hard metal, as their electronics allow the application of parameters that enable control cobalt leaching.

Thanks to their advanced PLC-based electronics, it is possible to apply asymmetric pulses required to process hard metal and a wide range of materials, both at low and high frequency. DLyte 100PRO Carbide is also possible to concatenate parameters. In addition, the speed and direction of rotation of the parts can be controlled to precisely apply the movements to each part in the batch, ensuring consistent and repeatable results.

Also showcased is an independent unit of DLyte PRO500, an advanced system tailored for the treatment of high-value, delicate, or intricate components. Moreover, visitors can explore DLyte eBlast, a solution suited for the treatment of large or heavy parts and localized surface finishing, and DLyte Desktop PRO, an ultra-compact dry electropolishing device designed to provide accessibility to a wide range of companies.



GPAINNOVA is a technology group established in 2013 in Barcelona, with subsidiaries in Sunrise (Florida, USA), Hong Kong and Shenzhen (China). It is specializing in surface metal finishing solutions, with DLyte and MURUA; medical devices with RESPIRA, Unmanned Surface Vehicles (USVs) with SEABOTS, and high-performance power electronics with POWER INNOTECH. GPAINNOVA has a team of more than 180 professionals on staff and more than 40 engineers, more than 60 distributors, and more than 900 worldwide clients and more than 1,000 machines installed. It allowed the company to achieve a record annual turnover of €26 million. GPAINNOVA has been selected by Financial Times among the 1,000 Europe’s Fastest Growing Companies between 2020 and 2023.


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