GPAINNOVA and Lodestar3D Forge Strategic Partnership to Distribute DLyte Surface Finishing Solutions in India

January 18 , 2024

GPAINNOVA, a leading technology business group specializing in metal surfacing, has officially entered into a strategic partnership with Lodestar3D, a prominent Indian company renowned for its expertise in 3D printers and 3D printing solutions across various industries, including Aerospace, Jewelry, and Medical & Engineering.

This agreement positions Lodestar3D as the Master Distributor for GPAINNOVA’s cutting-edge surface finishing solutions in India. The collaboration focuses on GPAINNOVA’s DLyte brand, which features patented DryLyte Technology, providing innovative and efficient solutions for metal surface finishing.

By appointing Lodestar3D as a strategic partner, GPAINNOVA aims to strengthen its presence in the dynamic Asian subcontinent. Simultaneously, Lodestar3D stands to expand its business lines in the realm of metal surface finishing. This alliance between these two corporations signifies a significant step towards innovation and growth in the metal surfacing industry. Both look forward to leveraging their collective strengths to provide high-quality solutions to the Indian market.


<em>Jordi Gasulla, General Manager at GPAINNOVA Asia and GPAINNOVA China (left), and Pradeep N. S., CEO of Lodestar3D (right).</em>

Jordi Gasulla, General Manager at GPAINNOVA Asia and GPAINNOVA China (left), and Pradeep N. S., CEO of Lodestar3D (right). 


Advanced Surface Finishing Machinery for the Indian Market

To mark the commencement of this partnership, Lodestar3D has integrated GPAINNOVA’s DLyte PRO500, the most advanced and powerful surface finishing machine, into its showroom. This move underscores the commitment of both companies to deliver cutting-edge technologies to their customers.

Pau Sarsanedas, CEO and President of GPAINNOVA, expressed the significance of this agreement, stating, “This collaboration is crucial to our business group’s expansion in a key country, immersed in a growing economy with abundant opportunities.”

In response, Pradeep N. S., CEO of Lodestar3D, remarked that “GPAINNOVA and DLyte is one of most exciting partnerships Lodestar3D has formed in its history”. “What brings us closer to GPAINNOVA is the team’s passion to innovation. DLyte is a product of that passion & innovation. Bringing the most cutting edge surface treatment solution to India is a defining moment for Lodestar3D as we cater to the fast growing manufacturing eco-system in India”, he added.”



Established in Barcelona in 2013 and with subsidiaries in the USA and China, GPAINNOVA is specializing in metal surface finishing, with DLyte and MURUA brands; marine robotics, with SEABOTS; power electronics, with POWER INNOTECH, and medical devices, with GPAMEDICAL. It has more than 60 distributors and more than 900 worldwide clients. GPAINNOVA has been chosen by the Financial Times as one of the 1,000 fastest growing European companies for the fourth consecutive year.


About Lodestar3D

Lodestar3D is a passionate company focused on 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing (AM). This organization strongly believes that AM will be one of the key manufacturing processes in tomorrow’s factories. It is this belief that motivates its staff to bring the latest, most innovative, and rapidly disruptive 3D printers and 3D printing ecosystem to India. Lodestar3D offers the largest portfolio of industrial 3D printers in India, and its expertise spans across possibly all technologies within 3D printing, ranging from polymers to metals. Lodestar3D’s solutions cater to the complete 3D printing ecosystem, including machines, materials, software, and consumables. Lodestar3D not only brings over a decade of AM and 3D printing experience and expertise but also strongly believes in providing excellent after-sales support with a focus on utmost customer satisfaction and following the most ethical business practices, led by a team of industry veterans. Lodestar3D encourages professionals to contact them with their needs and assures you that they would be delighted to work with this company.


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