GPAINNOVA Launches the Dry Suspension Electrolyte, its Latest Electropolishing Solution

March 15 , 2022

GPAINNOVA, one of the leading groups in surface finishing technologies with its brands DLyte and MURUA, has just presented its latest metal treatment solution, based on dry suspension. It consists in a new electrolyte that combines polymer particles and a moderator liquid, especially designed to improve the results of conventional dry electropolishing processes.


Dry Suspension’s Benefits

Dry suspension overcomes some limitations linked to traditional electropolishing. These are the main benefits of the liquid:

  1. It facilitates the transport of particles (from a granular to a fluid behavior) and flows better through the cavities, thus allowing better results for pieces with complex geometries.
  2. As a lubricant, it protects the surface of the part during the metal treatment process, and prevents oxygen from affecting the metal surface.
  3. It improves the temperature control of the consumable, providing more stable results.
  4. It does not require any maintenance by adding water or air.


What is the Dry Suspension Electrolyte for?

The new dry suspension electrolyte is suitable for processes requiring:

  • More accurate surface finishing results than the ones achieved with dry electrolyte
  • To prevent particles from sticking to the metal surface, avoiding pitting
  • Accessing to occluded areas

To sum up, it is worth to stress the three different states of media, their features and way of application:


How the Dry Suspension Electrolyte Works

Dry suspension electrolyte has been developed replacing the air present between the solid particles by a non-electrically conductive liquid which protects the metal surface from oxidation caused by the oxygen present in the air during the process. The ion transfer is done by the solid particles and the liquid modifies the behavior of the media which becomes a fluid and protects the surface of the part. As it happens with the dry process, the dry suspension electrolyte requires different formulation and parameter of the process to achieve good results.

The new electrolyte is a mixture between 01 MSA gel particle and a biphasic mixture. The mixture contains hydrophilic and hydrophobic substances which creates an emulsion-like phase by the help of surfactants and tangential stresses. This electric insulator emulsion creates hydric bonds between the particles and the metallic surface, allowing higher current densities and a better control of the process. Due to its chemical nature, this electrolyte is designed to obtain more homogeneous surfaces, smoother final results avoiding the presence of common corrosion defects.

Initial roughness, geometry, shape and size of the piece impact on the required movement, parameter and media to achieve good results by allowing an optimal flow of the media and electricity through the surface achieving homogeneity across the piece.

To learn more about the new dry suspension electrolyte or to attend a free demo, please contact GPAINNOVA.


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