The metal surface<br />
finishing revolution
The metal surface
finishing revolution
Precise metal<br />
surface finishing<br />
for mass production
Precise metal
surface finishing
for mass production
Better results than<br />
manual polishing<br />
in just one step
Better results than
manual polishing
in just one step

Dry electropolishing equipment
for high performance and superior
finishing applications

01. Aerospace
02. Automotive
03. Dentistry
Food & Pharma
04. Food & Pharma
Jewelry & Fashion
05. Jewelry & Fashion
Medical Device
06. Medical Device
07. Toolmaking

Finishing Processes

DLyte has reinvented high-quality metal surface finishing, it improves the results of existing treatments.

Precision finishing
01. Precision finishing

Superior surface finishing of precision components with tight tolerances improving mechanical properties, lifespan and corrosion resistance.

02. Smoothing

A smooth finish cuts down on friction loss, improving the bearing ratio, optimizing wear and tear and minimizing energy consumption and noise.

Mirror finishing
03. Mirror finishing

Mirror finish is a highly-polished finish, characterized by a bright, shiny, reflective metal surface. Remove any micro-scratches and milling lines.

04. Deburring

Remove burrs from sharp or fragile parts that are not suitable for traditional finishing techniques without rounding edges or damaging the part.

05. Rounding

Cutting edge geometry determines the thermo-mechanical stress suffered by the tool. Increase its lifespan with a controlled edge preparation.

Inner channels polishing
06. Inner channels polishing

Improve surface quality of inner channels and complex metal parts with blind holes cost-effectively, reliable and with superior quality.

Some applications

  • Knee implants & femoral components

    Material: CoCr

    Manufacturing: Casting or milling

    Pre-processing: Abrasive (ceramic + plastic)

    Application: Mirror finish

    Achieved Ra: < 0.05 μm

    Processing time: 64 minutes (24 parts)

    DLyte equipment: DLyte PRO500


    Material: CoCr

    Manufacturing: CoCr

    Pre-processing: Sandpaper

    Application: Mirror Finish

    Achieved Ra: 0.02 μm

    Processing time: 60 minutes (24 parts)

    DLyte equipment: DLyte PRO500

  • Hip femoral stems

    Material: Stainless steel

    Manufacturing: Milling

    Pre-processing: Grinding (manual belting)

    Application: Mirror finish

    Achieved Ra: 0.2 μm

    Processing time: 60 minutes (24 parts)

    DLyte equipment: DLyte PRO500

    Craneal implant

    Material: Titanium

    Manufacturing: Sintering

    Pre-processing: Grinded

    DLyte equipment: DLyte PRO500

  • Removable partial dentures

    Material: CoCr

    Manufacturing: Additive manufacturing

    Pre-processing: Sandblasting + Stone grinding

    Application: Mirror finish

    Processing time: 45 minutes (4 parts)

    DLyte equipment: DLyte 10D

    Titanium dental bars, bridges, and hybrid structures

    Material: Titanium

    Manufacturing: Milling

    Pre-processing: None

    Application: Mirror finish

    Processing time: 50 minutes (18 parts)

    DLyte equipment: DLyte 100D +HF

  • Mixers & agitators

    Material: Stainless steel

    Manufacturing: Turning and milling

    Pre-processing: Grinding (sandpaper)

    Application: Mirror finish

    Achieved Ra: < 0.1 μm

    Processing time: 184 minutes (8 parts)

    DLyte equipment: DLyte PRO500

    Tablet punches manufacturing & refurbish

    Material: Tool steel

    Manufacturing: Milling

    Pre-processing: Grinding

    Application: Mirror finish

    Achieved Ra: 0.1 μm

    Processing time: 24 minutes (48 parts)

    DLyte equipment: DLyte PRO500

  • Propellers, impellers & hydro turbines

    Material: Stainless steel

    Manufacturing: Casting + turning and milling

    Application: Mirror finish

    Achieved Ra: < 0.2 μm

    Processing time: 64 minutes (1 part)

    DLyte equipment: DLyte PRO500

    Dental crowns polishing

    Material: CoCr

    Manufacturing: Sintering

    Pre-processing: Sandblasting + stone grinding

    Application: Mirror finish

    Processing time: 30minutes (4 parts)

    DLyte equipment: DLyte Desktop

  • Eyewear surface finishing

    Material: 316L, aluminum and titanium

    Manufacturing: Milling, casting

    Application: Mirror finish

    Processing time: 34 minutes (48 parts)

    DLyte equipment: DLyte PRO500

    Stainless-steel buckles finishing

    Material: Stainless Steel

    Manufacturing: Metal injection molding (MIM).

    Pre-processing: Ceramic polishing

    Application: Mirror finishing

    Processing time: 64 minutes (360 parts)

    DLyte equipment: DLyte PRO500

  • Carbide insert die polishing

    Material: Tungsten carbide

    Manufacturing: Sintering

    Pre-processing: EDM

    Application: Precision finish

    Achieved Ra: 0.01 μm

    Processing time: 94 minutes (1 part)

    DLyte equipment: DLyte 100PRO Carbide

    Removable partial dentures

    Material: CoCr

    Manufacturing: Additive manufacturing

    Pre-processing: Sandblasting + Stone grinding

    Application: Mirror finish

    Processing time: 45 minutes (6 parts)

    DLyte equipment: DLyte 10D


DLyte Benefits

The DryLyte Technology offers a wide range of finishing media. The consumables, designed and developed in our test lab, allow us to precisely meet our customers’ requirements.

Homogeneous results
01. Homogeneous results

DLyte achieves homogeneous results across the surface and eliminates micro scratches, as opposed to abrasive polishing. The system works efficiently at a micro and macroscopic level.

Geometry preservation
02. Geometry preservation

Respects the tolerances and preserves the initial shape, even the edges, guaranteeing the most precise result. It does not round the edges as there is no mechanical abrasion of the surface.

Best-in-class surface roughness
03. Best-in-class surface roughness

Reduces the roughness over 80% avoiding undesired effects. Liquid electropolishing is not able to reduce the roughness more than 50% without generating side effects like orange peel or pitting.

Low material removal
04. Low material removal

Removes material only from roughness peaks as the diameter of the particles is bigger than the roughness profile. It penetrates internal cavities that cannot be accessed mechanically.

Consistent repeatability
05. Consistent repeatability

The DryLyte Technology ensures stable results among various batches along the electrolyte media lifespan. There is no physical wear, as would typically occur with abrasive particles.

Enhances negative surface skewness
06. Enhances negative surface skewness

DLyte increases the surface bearing contact area allowing uniform lubricant film distribution and improving the bearing ratio and reducing the friction between the pieces.

Avoids grinding texture patterns
07. Avoids grinding texture patterns

This is the only technology that allows to remove roughness and improve the corrosion resistance of the metal pieces while reducing the number of processes required in the manufacturing process.

Biocompatibility proven
08. Biocompatibility proven

Uses only polymer particles with acids for surface improvement. It ensures that the parts meet all the appropriate requirements to pass a risk-benefit analysis evaluating biocompatibility and toxicity.

Improve the corrosion resistance
09. Improve the corrosion resistance

Reduces wear and improves fracture and fatigue strength, while improving the surface quality of metal parts. It also removes embedded free iron, contaminants and heat tint or oxide scale.

Aesthetic improvement
10. Aesthetic improvement

Dry electropolishing can improve the visual aspect of cutting tools because it is a highly precise and controllable process that can produce a very smooth, uniform surface.

Complex and fragile parts
11. Complex and fragile parts

Ideal for surface finishing fragile and complex parts that cannot be impinged because it is an electrochemical process that does involve very low physical contact with the workpiece.

Drastic lifespan increase
12. Drastic lifespan increase

An electrical current is used to remove a very thin, uniform layer of material from the surface of a workpiece. This can result in a surface with a high degree of surface smoothness and uniformity.

Three DryLyte technology-based categories,
divided into two system types

    • Surface finishing processes by immersion are carried out by placing the metal pieces to be treated in a working bowl or tank filled with electrolytic media, consisting of solid bodies that completely cover the parts.

      The consumable material chosen may be of different types, depending on the results sought. For this purpose, different kinds of consumable are used: dry polymeric particles without any additive or polymer particles mixed with a moderator liquid that enhances final brightness.

      The consumable reduces the surface roughness without impacting on the original geometry, since the metal removal is based on ion transport instead of abrasion of the surface. DLyte’s equipment uses electricity with specific electrical parameters and moves the parts fixed by fixtures inside a bowl full of media. Every time an electrolyte particle impacts the metal surface, there is an ion transport that removes irregularities from the peaks of the surface.

      Dry surface finishing is a patented technology for grinding and polishing metals by ion transport using free solid bodies. This system is based on solid media with no liquid added. It works by combining the electrical flow created by the high-precision rectifier with the movement of the pieces through the electropolishing media. This results in an ion exchange, removing material only from the peaks of roughness. It is based on dry solid particles for immersion systems. These bodies collide with each other, starting an ion exchange and removing the outer layer of the metal part, to eliminate imperfections on the metal piece.


      Dry Suspension surface finishing is a revolutionary solution based on a new electrolyte that combines polymer particles and a moderator liquid, especially designed to improve the results of conventional dry electropolishing processes. Its consumable consists in a mixture of solid particles and liquid for immersion systems. These free bodies collide into each other, starting an electrolysis process that eliminates imperfections on the surface. The moderator liquid improves the final gloss of the part. It is especially advantageous for complex geometries, providing the shiniest results while effectively protecting the parts from undesired oxidation.

    • The Dry Projection technology, released to be used in the DLyte eBlast machine, is a new solution that provides a stream of solid-electrolyte particles propelled by a moderator liquid media to improve the surface quality. The media is projected towards a localized area of the piece.

      In comparison to liquid electropolishing, this moderator liquid is not directly involved in the surface finishing process. Its main function is carrying the particles; its specifically developed composition contributes to maintain the connectivity and conductivity between particles during the process. Additionally, this liquid creates a protective layer over the metal surface, accumulating especially in roughness valleys, thus protecting the surface from pitting.

      Electro-blasting projected electropolishing opens up a wide range of possibilities for the treatment of metal surfaces with non-homogeneous roughness or complex geometries (the current main obstacle of AM parts), as well as large, heavy pieces. This feature can provide finishing solutions in sectors such as 3D printing, automobile industry, railway and specially injection molds.

      The Dry Suspension system operates by combining solid particles and liquid to form a mixture utilized in projection systems. When the liquid emulsion is agitated, it becomes conductive, facilitating collisions between the particles. This unique system offers several advantages, including increased adaptability and customization, particularly for complex geometries. Additionally, the presence of the liquid provides protection for the parts during the process.


    Surface finishing equipments

      • Desktop Series

        Accessible to small laboratories, workshops, workrooms and SMEs needing a cost-effective solution for metal surface finishing processes.
        From grinding to mirror finishing, our set-up offers a new easy way to process any casting, sintering or milling metal parts.

        Desktop PRO Desktop PRO
        Desktop PRO

        Compact Series

        Our Compact Series are suitable for companies that require precision surface finishing of high-quality metal parts in industries such as medical devices, luxury goods, tools, and food or pharmaceuticals.

        DLyte 1 DLyte 1
        DLyte 1
        DLyte 10 DLyte 10
        DLyte 10
        DLyte 100 DLyte 100
        DLyte 100
        DLyte 100PRO DLyte 100PRO
        DLyte 100PRO
      • PRO500 Series

        The DLyte PRO500 delivers exceptional metal surface-finishing results with superior speed and efficiency. Compared to existing technologies, it can achieve processing times up to ten times faster.

        PRO500 PRO500
        PRO500 Automated Cell PRO500 Automated Cell
        PRO500 Automated Cell
        Multiprocess systems Multiprocess systems
        Multiprocess systems

        Modular solutions

        DLyte 10,000 is a versatile solution that integrates seamlessly into any production line, allowing for full workflow automation and efficient treatment of heavy pieces in various industries.

        DLyte 10.000 DLyte 10.000
        DLyte 10.000
      • eBlast

        DLyte eBlast uses a stream of solid-electrolyte particles propelled by a non-conductive liquid media to deliver targeted surface finishing for metal parts. This patented electro-blasting method is ideal for achieving focused surface finishes.

        eBlast eBlast
      • Small Productions

        Accessible to small laboratories, workshops, workrooms and SMEs needing a cost-effective solution for metal surface finishing processes.
        From grinding to mirror finishing, our set-up offers a new easy way to process any casting, sintering or milling metal parts.

        Desktop Dental Desktop Dental
        Desktop Dental
        DLyte mini DLyte mini
        DLyte mini

        Dental Compact Series

        DLyte streamlines production for dental labs, reducing the need for multiple stages and saving time and resources. It increases flexibility and efficiency, enabling labs to stay competitive while maintaining high-quality standards.

        DLyte 1D DLyte 1D
        DLyte 1D
        DLyte 10D DLyte 10D
        DLyte 10D
        DLyte 100D DLyte 100D
        DLyte 100D

      Customized support throughout
      all your product implementation
      process and lifecycle

      Test Lab
      01. Test Lab

      Our team develops the finishing process especially adapted to your piece and your application. We design the process you need based on a sample of your part and your technical request. Our expert advice and techniques are crucial to an optimal process.

      Training and consulting
      02. Training and consulting

      Consultancy services in process development from concept to design, manufacturing, commissioning, installation and correct operation. If you do not have a standard solution already implemented, we would be more than happy to customize a solution to fit your needs.

      Customer service
      03. Customer service

      Our qualified engineers will respond to all your questions in order to find the best solution for your needs. We advise and support installation, start-up, process set-up, programmed maintenance and instant troubleshooting so that you reduce downtime of your equipment.

      DLyte Hub and Store
      04. DLyte Hub and Store

      DLyte Hub and Store are specifically designed for current customers and partners to find the complete range of updated products, activate electrolytes, download operating and maintenance manuals, data sheets and process parameters, and also to order products.

      Our customer experiences

      “DLyte has made possible to automate the grinding and polishing processes for metal parts, which had the highest labor burden in conventional denture manufacturing, and to reduce the number of process personnel by one.”

      Kurashige Dental Laboratory, Japan

      "DLyte nous a apporté plusieurs choses positives : gain de temps de production très appréciable, amélioration des conditions de travail des techniciens, et économie de consommables pour le polissage des alliages."

      Didier Goujon. Responsable service adjointe du Laboratoire Bienfait

      “This system saves our customers not only a lot of money and time, but it also produces absolutely repeatable, high-quality polishing results. By using the DLyte 10D, processing time can be reduced by up to 80%.”

      Ralph Ziereis, General Manager of the TEAMZIEREIS GmbH (Germany)

      “Our Dlyte has been working for three years now without any remarkable issues. We have always been guided on every step. We would definitely recommend Dlyte with no reservations whatsoever.”

      Mike and Fracia, Chrome Design Ltd., United Kingdom

      “Para un pequeño laboratorio, siempre son un riesgo las grandes inversiones, aunque en este caso, ha sido un éxito gracias al asesoramiento, dedicación y compromiso recibidos.”

      Antonio Almellones (España)

      “Since investing in the DLyte chrome polishing system, our chrome department has become even more efficient and productive. Due to this we could increase our capacity of chromes and unit output.”

      Adam Cocking, European Dental Laboratory

      “IMR is delighted to be working with innovative technology such as this, it will enable us to engage in projects and research with a large number of companies across several industries.”

      Sean McConnell, Senior Technologist, Irish Manufacturing Research

      “Simcast Dental Laboratory has been using the Dlyte machine for nearly 5 years now and it has become an irreplaceable part of our finishing process.”

      From Mark Hutton, CEO of Simcast Dental, United Kingdom

      satisfied customers


      machines installed
      and setup


      distributors across
      all continents


      years of surface
      finishing expertise

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