Grants and projects

The overarching goal of the METALIA project is to enhance the capabilities of the Spanish industrial sector by implementing artificial intelligence (AI) tools like Machine Learning (ML) to optimize the additive manufacturing (AM) value chain for new metallic materials. This includes design, manufacturing, post-processing, and life cycle analysis. The project also aims to validate these AI tools across various industrial sectors, particularly in industrial biotechnology applications. By automating quality control, improving productivity, and expanding the range of usable materials, METALIA seeks to advance additive manufacturing and enhance the competitiveness of Spanish industry.

Furthermore, the TransMisiones 2023 initiative fosters collaboration among five small and medium-sized enterprises (EGILE, CUBICOFF, GSC, BITMETRICS, and DLYTE) and four research centers (CATEC, IMDEA Materials, LEITAT, and UPM) within the CDTI and AEI consortia. This collaboration aims to facilitate the transfer of scientific research into technological advancements, thereby driving progress toward advanced levels of technological maturity.

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