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In 2016, GPAINNOVA and its brand DLyte released DryLyte, the first dry electropolishing process for metal pieces. After registering this unique new technology worldwide, the company maintained steady growth until becoming the 4th fastest growing European industrial goods company by 2022, according to Financial Times.

DLyte automates, simplifies, and standardizes the surface finishing process of metal parts. It provides a high-performance solution for the most demanding metals and alloys in industrial companies and offers a wide range of advantages over traditional polishing systems, which improves the performance of every single treated piece.

Metal parts used for high-precision applications must meet tight geometric tolerances and have very low roughness at a microscopic level to ensure minimal friction, exact mating, and high resistance to wear and failure. These include increased corrosion, fatigue, and erosion resistance, a longer life span, biocompatibility, greater adherence of subsequent coatings, and better appearance and gloss.

Applications for the patented DryLyte Technology can be used for lapping, rounding, deburring, surface smoothing and high gloss polishing of aesthetic parts. It is suitable for several sectors, such as dental, medical, or industrial applications, including additive manufacturing (AM).

DLyte is part of GPAINNOVA, a technological platform established in Barcelona in April 2013 and specializing in surface finishing for metal parts. This business group focuses on the design, manufacturing and marketing of machines based on the DryLyte Technology. GPAINNOVA counts on DLyte Chemicals, the company that manufactures and markets its consumable materials.

GPAINNOVA and DLyte’s history

  • 2013

    Creation of Steros GPA Innovative, SL, with the aim of developing innovative products and solutions that respond to the demands and needs of the market.

  • 2014

    The company creates MURUA, the first and smallest machine using the passive-layer liquid: gold, silver, copper, brass and palladium.

  • 2015

    The launch of MURUA is a bestseller and allows to detect polishing needs for non-precious metals. The company begins an R&D process.

  • 2016

    DryLyte, the world’s first dry electropolishing solution, is born. The company DryLyte is founded and the Spanish patent is registered.

  • 2017

    The DLyte10 machine becomes the first DryLyte solution created for dental applications. In March, it is presented at the IDS International Fair in Cologne.

    The technology’s success, accruing orders worth over one million euros, drove the structural growth of the organization, and the inauguration of new facilities.

    In November, the DryLyte Technology for industrial applications is presented at the Formnext fair in Frankfurt.

  • 2018

    In April, the first subsidiary in the United States, located in Miami, is opened to expand into the North American market.

    In November, the DLyte1 is launched for dental laboratories.

    In December, GPAINNOVA is awarded the European Union’s Horizon 2020 grant for research and development of the DLyte PRO range.

  • 2019

    In June, the group opens a subsidiary in Hong Kong to drive our expansion into the Asian market.

    In September, the DLyte 10,000 modular solution is presented for the first time at the EMO Hannover trade fair.

    In November, the most versatile and powerful metal surface finishing machine,DLyte PRO500, is introduced at the Formnext fair.

  • 2020

    The first DLyte PRO500 units are sold and the first DLyte 10,000 unit is installed.

    In December, GPAINNOVA closed the year with a record turnover of €15.8 million tripling its turnover from the previous year (€5.9 million).

    The workforce increases almost 60%, from 71 to 117 professionals.

  • 2021

    In January, is launched DLyte HUB, a new cloud platform that provides advanced solutions to DLyte customers.

    On April, DLyte Desktop PRO and Dental are launched, the first ultra-compact dry electropolishing machines.

    In September, DLyte launches PRO500 Automated Cell, with the support the European Union’s Horizon 2020.

    On November, DLyte presents at Formnext eBlast, a patented electro-blasting system based on projected electropolishing.

  • 2022

    In mid-March, DLyte releases its dry suspension electrolyte, based on a polymer particles and a moderator liquid.

    In summer, DLyte launches 100PRO, a new dry electropolishing machine for industrial applications and suitable for a wide range of metals.

  • 2023

    GPAINNOVA is announced as the Most Innovative Surface Finishing Group 2022 at the European Enterprise Awards.

    GPAINNOVA launches their first solutions for surface finishing on cemented carbides, consisting in two advanced machines (DLyte 100PRO Carbide & DLyte PRO500 Carbide) and specific electrolyte.

Bureau Veritas Certification confirms that the quality management has been audited and determined to be in compliance with ISO 9001:2015 criteria.


Awards and Honors

Multiple brands within the group have received prestigious
national and international awards and recognitions within a short
period of time since GPAINNOVA was founded.

  • 2023

    In February 2023, GPAINNOVA is awarded as the Most Innovative Surface Finishing Group in Europe at the European Enterprise Awards

  • 2022

    On July 21st 2022, GPAINNOVA receives the distinctive label of ‘Catalonia Exponential Leaders’, which recognizes it as one of the most disruptive Catalan companies.

    On June 8th 2022, GPAINNOVA wins the TCT Post-Processing Award 2022 with DLyte eBlast.

    In May 2022, GPAINNOVA is given the Innovation Award at the Surfair Congress.

    At the end of March 2022, GPAINNOVA’s DLyte eBlast is shortlisted as a finalist in the Innovation Trophy 2022 of the 3D Print Lyon Exhibition 2022.

    In March 2022, GPAINNOVA received the Innova Award at the Empresa de l’Any Awards 2021, organized by El Periódico de Catalunya and Banc Sabadell. At its turn, DLyte eBlast is shortlisted as a finalist for the Innovation Trophy 2022 of the 3D Print Lyon Exhibition 2022.

    In March, GPAINNOVA is ranks 5th in Catalonia, 9th in Spain and 192nd in Europe in the Financial Times 1,000 ranking of the fastest growing European companies. It is also listed as the leading industrial goods company in Spain for the third consecutive year, and the 4th in Europe.

    In February 2022, GPAINNOVA is awarded as the Best Multinational Industrial Technology Group 2021 at the European Enterprise Awards. In addition, DLyte Desktop Series is selected as the Most Innovative Electropolishing Machine 2021.

  • 2021

    In December 2021, GPAINNOVA’s CEO and co-founder, Pau Sarsanedas, was selected as one of the three finalists of the Young Entrepreneur Award, promoted by the AIJEC (Young Entrepreneurs of Catalonia).

  • 2020

    In March 2020, GPAINNOVA is ranked 76th in Europe, and 7th in Spain in the Financial Times FT 1000 ranking of the fastest growing companies in Europe.

    In 2020, GPAINNOVA received the Indústria 4.0 Award for its mechanical ventilator RESPIRA. This recognition was granted by the Industry 4.0 commission, an initiative of the Catalan Industrial Engineers society.

  • 2019

    GPAINNOVA won the Pimec Jove 2019 Award, aimed at small and medium-sized companies.

    In 2019, GPAINNOVA received the Cepyme Award in the Internationalization category.

  • 2018

    In December 2018, GPAINNOVA is awarded the European Union’s Horizon 2020 grant for research and development of the DLyte PRO range, aimed at mass production.

    In September 2018, the DryLyte Technology was awarded the TCT Award for Excellence in Additive Manufacturing Post- Processing. This solution is currently used by more than four hundred customers to automate polishing processes and achieve a high-quality metal surface finish.

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